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Tourism and Leisure is a three-year-course (6 semesters) conducted in a full time
and a part time mode. In the scope of the proposed study schedule, you will have general and field subjects as well as three thematic blocks that suit your specialization (five-subjects).

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The course is dedicated to enthusiasts of international relations and travel, it is a course for people full of passion and commitment.

Under the guidance of irreplaceable experts you will master knowledge from the field of humanities, economy, natural science, geography. Moreover, the programme provides for as many as 7 subjects conducted in English to help students be as good at the language as it is possible.

After a three-year course it is required to write a bachelor’s thesis related to a thematic block which will be described on the diploma as a specialization.

Students can choose from:

  •  Hotel Business
  •  Event Tourism
  • International Tourism Business
  • E-business in Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Entrepreneurship Business


  •  Hotel Business
  •  Event Tourism
  • International Tourism Business

  • E-business in Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Entrepreneurship Business



Graduates of Tourism and Leisure at UBW are well prepared to work at a tourist traffic service. The course has an intercultural nature which ensures not only educational but also personal development. Thanks to international workshops and debates, the level of English is very high. Besides a broad economic and historic knowledge, soft skills are developed here, such as communicativeness, creativity and the ability of teamwork.

emplOyment opportunities

-   Your own tourist business ,

 -   Tourist Offices,

 -   Gastronomic Places,

 -   Holiday camps, health resorts, spa and wellness,

 -   Business Tourism Centres,

 -   Sports and recreation Centres,

 -   Thematic parks,

 -   Agrotourism farm,

 -   Tourist transportation,

 -   Information and Tourist Help Centres,

 -   Administration Offices for Tourism and Recreation