Attending Summer School at the University of Business in Wroclaw is a great opportunity to get to know what one will study during academic year, broaden ones interest, improve language skills and integrate with future colleagues.

View details of intensive two-week academic program combined with sightseeing and cultural activities.

Academic program of Summer School contains 25 hours of classes per week. Those classes refer to all study programs offered by our University in English as a language of instruction: Management, Tourism and Recreation, Computer Science. In the last days of the course, participants will visit one of the chosen companies to use their knowledge in practice.

During this two weeks, students will also learn both English and Polish language. In total 24h of language classes.  Every second day they will also participate in Intercultural Communication workshop.

Sounds exhausting? Don’t worry! During the school day all group is provided with lunch in our canteen to restore their energy to learn and have fun.



Please familiarize with general daily and day-by-day program:


9:00 – 10:30 - English class

10:30 – 12:30 – Business and Management/ Tourism and Recreation/ New Technologies class

12:30 – 13:00 – Lunch

13:00 – 14:30 – Polish or International Communication class

General daily program

Intercultural Communication classes:

Effective intercultural communication is a necessary skill for anyone working for multinational companies in their home country or abroad. There are some question that need to be answered to avoid misunderstandings working across countries or continents. How to be courteous working with the multinational team? How to manage time and space to no offence anyone? What customs and cultural traditions can I contribute to help my team achieve goals? What are behavioral issues and norm in Poland? 

Tourism classes:

New tourism trends.

Tourism providers are used to spotting trends. It's a natural part of the trade in an industry that changes globally. What was successful one year might not work as well in the next one.

During the course we will Focus on 10 tourism trends for 2018 that will drive the global tourism industry.

How to have an authentic experience?

New destinations are emerging as people look for more authentic experiences, and niche trends are becoming mainstream.

During the course we will focus on case studies to check if / how / where tourism  experience may be unique, personal ans authentic.

Tourism digital communication D2C.

The digital communication has become one of THE STRONGEST TOOLS OF COMPETITION  in the tourism sector.

During the course we will Focus on new technologies in tourism marketing such as Social Media, SoLoMo and Internet of Things.


Business and management classes:

During our classes we will make a journey around a business environment: starting at the stage of looking for a new business idea and ending in a real company. 

I am a creator!

The module is designed to practice creative thinking methods, to show how can we change our thinking to come up with brilliant ideas, where to look for inspiration. The focus is on a self-development.

I am a manufacturer!

The topic covers the process of management in production and the elements of production process. Basic types of production processes and methods and techniques of the management of these processes will be presented. 

I am an innovative manager!

The aim is to familiarize students with innovations in modern organizations, it's types and role in economy. The essentials of innovations management will be presented, as well as the role of knowledge in the process. 

I am a businessman!

You will be acquainted with the main methods of planning and launching new companies, as well as designing strategies to develop the concept into a successful venture. 

All above classes will be supplemented by a one day visit in a company. You will have a chance to observe all the managerial and production processes and experience a spirit of a real-life company. We will provide you with the opportunity to interact with an entrepreneur/manager. 


After the classes with no doubt you can say: I am successful



The price of Summer School is 700 euro. It includes:

  • English and Polish classes
  • Academic and Intercultural Communication classes
  • Visit to a company
  • Wroclaw City Tour
  • Guided tour to Cracow with transport, insurance, accommodation and catering
  • Lunch on school days (please inform us about your serious food intolerances and preferences in advance)


Additional costs (not included in price):

  • Accommodation in Wroclaw (proposals below)
  • Meals
  • City transportation (personal full ticket, 30 days, all routes cost 98 pln)
  • Insurance


1. The closest hostel “Big City Hostel”:

Place in a shared room (6-10 people) – 30/40 pln for night

2. VEGA Hotel: 600m meters away from the University:

3. On your wish we can also accommodate participant in dormitory. Please inform us in advance. Please be noted, that although it is the cheapest option and situated in beautiful green area, it is located far from the school (about 50min by city transportation).

460 pln for 14 days



Please apply via application questionnaire:

If you have any additional questions or doubts, please contact our recruitment specialist Joanna Susmanek via email: