Speed & action; two simple words that in today’s business world can make the difference between success and failure.

MBA Digital Transformation is built with these two key values at its core:

  • Speed: providing students with a full understanding of the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations, empowering them to move quickly and anticipate market needs
  • Action: practical case studies and real life projects will project students in challenging business situations where they will have to take actions under uncertain conditions and time pressure. This will be crucial to make sure all key learnings of the MBA will not remain just a cultural baggage, but will be applied right away to empower students to succeed



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welcome to our mba

The University of Business in Wroclaw offers a top quality MBA program, unique in its genre, able to bring together the latest Silicon Valley hi-tech and know-how with a practical approach to the European markets.

Our program is focused on empowering students through 240 hours of intensive and interactive business teaching (of which over 60% will be dedicated to practical experiences and workshops), delivered by top quality academics and business executives from Poland and abroad.

Each course of the program is built across a key capability that an entrepreneur / CEO must develop in order to succeed among competitors.

The MBA offered by our university is held in 100% in English, THE language when it comes to Digital Transformation. That is why our program is suitable for both Polish and foreigner students.

Our classes are lectured in 100 % by professional international faculty coming from our partner German and American universities, as well as English-speaking domestic faculty having specialized experience in different business areas.

The mission of the Digital Transformation MBA program at the University of Business in Wroclaw is to inspire start-uppers, entrepreneurs and even veteran managers to leave the safe paved way, take some risk and decisively act, fully leveraging the opportunities of today’s world to create something new, grow exponentially and, ultimately, succeed.