The Vistula Group of Universities has 26 years of experience in the market. The Academy of Finance and Business Vistula and the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management are its pillars, together with the University of Business in Wrocław (joined the group in 2014), the Pułtusk Academy of Humanities and Józef Rusiecki Olsztyn University College (both joined in 2018).

The Vistula Group of Universities is a blend of tradition and the most innovative trends in science. Our uniqueness is the practicality of our faculties. We closely cooperate with business and international organizations, and our professors are renowned authorities with hands-on experience. Our schools are unified by our mission. Our priority are faculties that will prepare our graduates to succeed in the job market in the dynamically changing economic environment in Poland and Europe. In the Vistula Group of Universities we draw from the energy and possibilities of the five unified colleges.

The Academy of Finance and Business Vistula (AFiBV) offers 10 faculties within Bachelor and MA studies, engineering studies, online studies, post-graduate and MBA programmes, doctoral studies, and Vistula Executive Education, i.e. practical education for managers. All faculties are educational. In the recent ranking in the “Perspektywy” magazine, The Academy of Finance and Business Vistula, under rector professor Witold Orłowski, was named “the most international college in Poland”. The jury appreciated our openness to the world, multicultural students and high level of English language studies. Currently we have over 5 thousand young people from 83 countries, and professors coming from all continents. Within the Erasmus programme, our students can study in 40 different countries. Our openness creates exceptional conditions for all students – including students from Poland, who do not need to travel abroad to study in the international environment. We work with over 130 world companies as well as international organizations. AFiBV is a member of the main international associations for the development of science. According to the ELA  report (a Polish system of monitoring economic histories of graduates ), our faculty of Management was listed first – our graduates have the highest salaries in the country!

Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is an innovative college preparing students to create and manage tourist, sports and recreational businesses. It offers unique Bachelor and MA programmes of studies. The available faculties are Tourism and Recreation, Dietetics and Lifestyle Coaching. Our college promotes the idea of entrepreneurship in the international and practical programme of education.

University of Business in Wrocław is a business college with international staff. It offers an extensive range of Bachelor studies: Management, Tourism and Recreation, Computer Sciences, Finance and Accounting, as well as MA studies: Management and Tourism and Recreation. At the college there are also available innovative postgraduate and MBA studies. In the “Perspektywy” magazine’s ranking our school is in the top ten. Moreover, it is distinguished by its ground-breaking educational plan that has been developed in cooperation between academics, businesspeople and employers. The majority of faculties are also available in English.

Pułtusk Academy of Humanities is a recognized brand renowned for its achievements and prestige. This dynamically developing centre in a small town has given many young people a chance to study. The college continuously holds a high position in the high schools rankings. It offers Bachelor and MA studies in full- and part-time systems as well as postgraduate studies in the following faculties: administration, national security, history, pedagogy, and political sciences. The school is authorised to confer the academic degree of doctor in history and political sciences.

Józef Rusiecki Olsztyn University College is one of the biggest non-public colleges in Olsztyn. The institution has been operating for over 21 years and has become an important educational centre of the region. It educates teachers, outstanding physiotherapists, cosmetology specialists, philologists, physical education teachers and personal trainers. Our school provides development opportunities for the teachers from the whole region at almost 30 postgraduate programmes. The college skillfully blends health education, medicine and physical culture with humanities and sociological studies.