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The University of Business in Wroclaw is a non-public university with a business-oriented programme. In the offer of the institution there are bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and postgraduate studies, including reputable MBA co-created with business partners.

Thanks to a long-term experience a developmental and prospective syllabus that is a pillar of our institution has been created. A plan of every field of studies focuses on learning by practicing, thus, attractive workshops and internship classes are provided for students. They constitute as many as 70% of didactic programme. Internships take place in many prestigious companies, whereas workshops at the university are monitored by experienced and familiar with lines of business lecturers. This education method teaches such essential skills in business as: work in a team, enterprise, solving conflicts, leadership, negotiations, making decisions, managing a crisis, foreign languages.

Moreover, an innovative educational programme has been implemented, which has been created thanks to the cooperation of academic staff with experienced business people and employers. In the scope of the developed programme there has been offered innovative and involving classes: case studies, managerial trainings, didactic trips to companies as well as trips to other cities and abroad.

The mission of the University of Business in Wroclaw is educating for the job market, close to practice, in international dimension, at a high-standard level.

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  • Our graduates are fully qualified to work on high positions in big companies as well as well prepared to run their own businesses.
  • Programmes of our fields of study are created in such a way to fulfill employers’ needs and requirements. Our graduates are excellent candidates for various positions.
  • By engagement and innovation as well as effort put in the education of our students, excellent specialists whose skills and qualifications are on the highest level graduate and appear on the labour market.


  • By taking advantage of advice and experience of eminent experienced business people, we transfer knowledge to students, wisdom and valuable tips on modern economy.
  • Studies at UBW shape also professional personality. Graduates of our university are taught communicativeness, creativity, work in a team as well as managing it, negotiation and solving problems.
  • We challenge our students in a real business world. Thanks to internships and practical classes we help them to evolve on many levels and broaden their experience.

international level

  • Thanks to a participation of UBW in Erasmus programme, students have a chance of having trainings and internships beyond the borders of the country.

    The trips are fully funded by the European Union.

  • We organize developing students’ exchanges as well lecturers’ exchanges from various European, Asian and American universities.
  • Foreign language teaching is at our university at a very high level. In the scope of English and German classes we invite lecturers from abroad to improve students’ skills continuously.

the higest level of education

  • In our team there are excellent scientists and experienced people, who transfer their knowledge to students. They approach every group individually and the programme of the classes is adjusted to the level and needs of participants of a course.
  • We practise the form of the classes in which a student is an active participant rather than a passive observer.
  • High quality of education results from a carefully prepared programme of the studies which is at the world-class level.
  • To vary educational process as well as develop many competencies we create and implement our own, unique exercise games, workshops and projects.

logo of the university of business in Wroclaw

The Logo of the University of Business in Wroclaw is Hermes’ helmet, a mythic god of trade and travellers. This sign embodies values that our university follows:

creativity, innovation, novelty as well as effectiveness in action.

Profile of the university

The University of Business in Wroclaw is a respected and a recognizable brand both in an academic and a business environment. It has been created with the idea of teaching young, ambitious students who are put first at our university. UBW is a place where you discover yourself, evolve at every level and take wealth of experience, knowledge and competencies.