Modern building

The assets of our seat:

-   A perfect location at crossing of Haller and Grabiszyńska Streets

-   Complete adjustment for disabled people

-   Modernly equipped  experiment halls and multimedia computer laboratories

-   An innovative lecture-conference room for over 250 people

-   A special student’s zone – a canteen, a bar with a garden, the Student Government’s and scientific circle’s rooms

-   An eLibrary with a reading room (electronic collection of books and magazines from all over the world)

-   A parking area for students and employees

-   A large green area for leisure on breaks

A multimedia face of the University

-   Univerity emails for all students

-   A virtual dean's office (a timetable, exam results, enrollment for exams)

-   An eindex book

-   An electronic student identity card

-   A modern elearing platform with didactic materials and classes

-   Free WiFi on the area of the whole University

-   Membership in Microsoft IT Academy MSDN AA (students have a chance to use the licence on chosen Microsoft software on their educational needs)


University without borders

The University of Business in Wroclaw is a modern university, which creates a friendly environment for studying for people with various levels of disabilities.
In order to enable such students a full participation in the educational process, UBW has facilities in both spheres: organizational and didactic.


Organizational facilities

At the university area there has been destroyed architectonic barriers and the whole infrastructure inside the building is adjusted for needs of disabled people. People on wheelchairs can easily get in to the building thanks to special ramps. A lift inside the building enables to move smoothly between floors as well as to access all computer and lecturer rooms, a dean’s office, a library and a student canteen located on various floors. Sanitation has been also designed with taking into consideration needs of disabled people.

In the current academic year it has been planned to prepare and make available a proper number of parking spaces for disabled people.

Didactic facilities

UBW is equipped with necessary technologic means that enable education of students who are afflicted by disability.

In the library of the University of Business in Wroclaw there is a computer standpoint that is fully adjusted for disabled people. The equipment includes a bigger size standing desk that enables people on wheelchairs and those with other motor disabilities to use the standpoint easily. The standpoint has been equipped with a modern computer with 27” monitor and the software that enlarges the view and provides the text with sound for needs of visually disabled people.

A scanner with OCR software enables to use classic publications by means of specialist software Super Nova Reader Magnifier. A special keyboard and a computer mouse ease the use of a computer by people with motor disabilities. Moreover, the library is equipped with an electronic magnifying glass.

UBW’s library is having more and more numbers of titles of publication in ebook form for students’ disposal and independent work.

In order to ease disabled students work during the lecturers, computer laboratories have been equipped with standpoints with magnifier software Super Nova Magnifier. Computer standpoints are equipped in such a way to enable people on the wheelchairs to leave the university easily (adequate width of the exit and the space between individual positions have been provided).

In an easily accessible place in the hall of the university there are two computer standpoints with the access to the Internet adjusted for motor disabled people and visually disabled people. On the standpoint there is a possibility of printing homework.

The University of Business in Wroclaw helps students in executing administrative tasks and an efficient flow of information by virtual dean’s office and email.

The function of Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Disabled People in the current academic year 2016/2017 takes dr Tetyana Pasko.