UBW’s Student's Council is a place where young active people can develop their passions and skills! The members of the Student's Council come from various European countries thanks to which while cooperating they get to know their culture and habits as well as they can share their experience. They learn together how to work in groups, develop themselves and their interests, participate actively in the creation of academic society and the most importantly, they make new friendships which may result in the cooperation on various levels of life in the future. To achieve that, the Student's Council organizes a lot of events including Hermes Rally, anniversary of the university, a day of sport events, juvenalia student festival as well as many thematic events. All of the aforementioned events are made thanks to the initiative and activity of members of the Student's Council, members of academic circles and clubs and the whole academic society.  In its activities the Student's Council does not forget about helping others, as well as charity events where raised donations and income are entrusted to people in the highest need.

The Student's Council represents students of the University of Business in Wroclaw during the meetings with the representatives of the university and in the RP’s Student Parliament.