Volvo Construction Machinery Poland, Powerstone and Polskie Górnictwo Skalne are the organizers of a large mass event "At level 308", which will take place in September 2019 in the unique scenery of the amphibolite and migmatite mine in Piława Górna. The first event of this type took place in 2015 (500 guests), the second in 2017 (750 guests). The organizers assume that the next third event will be attended by about 1000 participants.

Students of the second year of Bachelor studies at the University of Business in Wrocław in the field of tourism and recreation were invited as part of the course "Designing and creating event and cognitive tourism products" to participate in the design of the entire project. They will have the opportunity to become familiar with the organization of such prestigious mass event not only in theory, but also practically. They will use the knowledge gained during classes as well as the potential of the event organizer and their own creativity to create a project of the third edition of the event "At level 308".