essential contents of the program

MBA program offers:

  • a value-led curriculum focused on international practice, innovation and leadership
  • a blend of established expertise with the latest thinking to provide real-life solutions of contemporary business problems
  • a mixture of academic rigour with the latest business thinking and global economic developments
  • modern learning environment with new upgraded facilities that will stimulate your scholastic curiosity and make studying as efficient and comfortable as possible
  • development of personal and career management skills required on senior managers’ positions in the modern business setting
  • both individual and team work, which teaches how to collaboratively find innovative solutions to real world problems
  • views and working practices of successful business people and senior industry leaders motivated by the opportunity to engage with the next generation of business leaders
  • each class bringing different ideas, life experiences and cultural imperatives to the program


MBA curriculum

The program comprises core and advanced modules and is completed by submitting a Master’s Thesis – a practical project. In order to write it, students participate in Master’s Seminar classes.


About MBA program

This is an intense program designed to develop personal and career management skills. It is a part time course targeting English speakers with professional experience, who need more professional knowledge and skills that would enable further development of their careers. MBA is good for people who want to have the opportunity for a totally new career objective or for those who want to advance their current career. This modern MBA program is designed for professionals who have a truly international outlook, who are both independent thinkers and team players and bring a diversity of experience and insight to the program.

The studies are held exclusively in English. During all the classes, comprising 500 hours, students and lecturers communicate only in English. All didactic materials, such as case studies, presentations, databases, exercises, business simulation games, specialist literature, reading materials – are accessible only in English.

The MBA at Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa is a program for global leaders. Based on rich experiences the Leipzig Graduate School of Management has in this field of education, the program emphasizes the skills and perspective executives need to conduct business effectively in today's global market place. With this background, HHL was able to give assistance in program development and implementation.
This MBA is not just a regular MBA, but a think tank, incubator and executive boardroom that prepares executives to address the global economic, social and political forces that shape the world.
The unique, international curriculum challenges entrepreneurial-minded, executives to think and act within a socioeconomic and geopolitical context.
You have a vision for creating value in a world of opportunity. But in today's global business environment, the prize goes to those who can transform that vision into action, via teams that cross languages, time zones and functions. The MBA Program re-creates this environment in microcosm, challenging you to define your vision, articulate a strategy and develop an action plan.
How do you optimize organizational behavior, human resource management and strategy in a global setting? Learn to link these real-world issues to a personalized roadmap for more effective leadership. Our approach is customized for you using the research knowledge of our professors, professional career counselors and the experience and resources of your fellow classmates.

Frank Hoffmann

Associate Dean

Leipzig Graduate School of Management

International MBA program 

The program of study includes 24 months of training and is divided into 2 modules - core module and advanced module. Each module consists of 3 thematic areas within which specialized subjects are realized


  • Business Fundamentals
  • Leadership Skills
  • International Challenges


  • Managing Society

  • Managing Customers, Employees and Process

  • Managing New Ventures and Growth


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Highly recognized lecturers

The MBA lecturers at the University of Business in Wroclaw are in majority international specialists and practitioners coming from our partner university – HHL in Germany and other foreign universities. They are highly regarded professors, doctors and specialists, gaining the years of expertise from their institution and consultancy agencies, and merging it with the opportunities of ours. The Polish lecturers are also very competent, highly qualified and experienced in various fields of business, also internationally.

International profile

Our international faculty is the answer to increasing requirements and needs of contemporary students. In present-day globalized world an intercultural approach to business is very important. That is why we are determined to attract business professionals from around the globe. Worldly experts allow participants to learn about various global solutions and methods, which are successfully used on the international level.

Continuous development

Our lecturers are practitioners who demonstrate a high ability to apply theory to solve performance problems of companies. They possess the ability to use interactive and activating teaching methods. They also constantly increase their competences and qualifications in the area of practical teaching skills used in working with students on the basis of specialist programs and methods.

Accessibility and coaching

Our lecturers provide students with didactic materials, case studies, presentations and recommended bibliography before classes are held. These materials are uploaded on our MBA website on Student’s Login Page. In this way students can get to know these items in advance, prepare well for classes and broaden acquired knowledge. Students can also consult with the lecturers to satisfy their needs for developing abilities and enriching their knowledge.