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Arshad Ahmad, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning. Director, McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning. 3M National Teaching Fellow. President, Society for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. Vice-President, International Consortium of Educational Developers

Dr. Ahmad earned his MBA & Ph.D. at McGill University and is presently the AVP, Teaching and Learning at McMaster University. He is also the Director of the McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning (MIIETL).

Dr. Ahmad has won several student-based and university-wide awards from both Concordia and McGill Universities, as well as the Professor of the Year award from the International Bled School of Management. In 1992, Dr. Ahmad was nationally recognized for leadership in teaching with a lifetime 3M Teaching Fellowship.

Dr. Ahmad was elected President of the National Society for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) in Canada, which has over 60 institutional and up to 1,000 faculty members. He has also coordinated Canada’s only national teaching and educational leadership awards program – the 3M National Teaching Fellowships for the past 10 years

In 2012, Dr. Ahmad was elected Vice-President of the International Consortium of Educational Developers (ICED) . Consisting of 23 member organizations worldwide, ICED aims to improve good educational practices in higher education.

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Maximilian Schreiter,M.Sc., Research Associate 

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: financial management

Maximilian is Research Associate at the Chair of Financial Management and Banking at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). His field of research is corporate valuation using stochastic processes. He joined the business school in April 2014 after two years as Consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. During this time, he worked for different consumer goods and retail companies in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in Africa.

His academic background was shaped at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main (B.Sc.) and at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) (M.Sc.). During his studies, he took twice the opportunity for semesters abroad: first at the University of Sydney and a second time at the University of Chicago (Booth School).

Beyond that, Maximilian is an enthusiastic sportsman. He plays tennis since his early childhood for which he also has a coaching license, and he runs in preparation for a marathon. History is another passion for him where he tries to learn as much as possible through reading and traveling.

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Christin Rudolph, Dipl.-Kffr., Research Associate

– HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: financial management, strategic management, diversification, internal capital allocation

Christin Rudolph is working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Financial Management at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany) since August 2009. Before, she completed her business administration studies at HHL as well, majoring in Financial and Strategic Management. During her studies, she spent terms abroad at Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur in Paris and Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, and gained practical experience in investment banking and consulting, a.o. at Rothschild and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ms. Rudolph’s research is focused on corporate diversification and internal capital markets. She plans to finish her doctoral studies in summer 2013.
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Markus Brendel, Dipl.-Kfm., Research Associate 

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: financial management, financial accounting, financial econometrics, capital market

Markus Brendel is working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Financial Management at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany). After graduation from J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt (Germany), he gained pertinent professional experience with Ernst & Young, working in the arena of Corporate Restructuring. Back to academia, he first focused on Labor and Migration Ehaconomics which brought him to the Economics department of the University College London. Combining practical and academic work experience and interests, Markus joined HHL - one of the leading Business Schools in Germany - in September 2011. His research is focused on various applications of Financial Econometrics.
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Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach. Junior Professor in International Management.

Tobias Dauth is the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Junior Professor in International Management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. The Professorship was founded in 2013 and focuses on maintaining and expanding German-Polish scientific relations. In current research projects he investigates the role and the impact of international top managers in the internationalization processes of firms. A second major research area comprises the internationalization of German and Polish small and medium sized firms. Tobias Dauth also fosters regional and international partnerships. He collaborates with the Leipzig-based Fraunhofer MOEZ (Center for Central and Eastern Europe) to establish a network and cooperation between the stakeholders of the Central and Eastern European growth markets. His teaching activities aim at providing students with state of the art knowledge in international management. To do so, he combines theoretical perspectives with critical thinking and real-life case studies. Ultimately, his courses shall prepare students to effectively deal with the challenges arising from firms’ international activities.

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Dr. Philip Meissner

– Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany Specialization: strategic management, strategic planning, decision making, problem solving & communication

Dr. Philip Meissner works as an Assistent Professor at the Chair of Strategic and International Management at Philipps-Universität Marburg, where he focusses on research and teaching in the areas of strategic planning and decision making. His research has been published in reknown academic and practice oriented journals such as Harvard Business manager. Dr. Meissner completed his Ph.D at HHL where he helped build the Center for Scenario Planning, a joint innitiative of HHL and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Before, he received his MBA from HHL with highest distincitions and gained work experience in the German Banking and Media Industry.
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Christian Brands, M.Sc., Research Associate 

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: strategic management, international management.

Christian Brands graduated from HHL where he received his M.Sc. degree majoring in Strategy and Finance. In 2008, he spent a term abroad at the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. Before joining HHL he graduated in International Management and French at the University of Bath School of Management, United Kingdom and gained work experience in the German retail and consulting industry
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Dr. Sebastian Hoffmann

– HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: accounting

Dr. Sebastian Hoffmann is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Auditing at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. His research focuses on Accounting Standard Setting, Accounting Regulation, Critical Accounting Research and Accounting History, is regularly presented at international conferences and was honored with HHL’s Research Award for three years in a row. Dr. Hoffmann is successfully teaching accounting classes in international M.Sc. and MBA programs since 2008.
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Dr. Andrei Neboian 

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

Specialization: Operations Research

Dr. Andrei Neboian is the owner of Headlight Analytics e.U., specializing in consulting and developing decision support tools in operations management. Over the years, he consulted a number of large multinational corporations in various industries including logistics, industrial hardware, and metals manufacturing.

He received his doctoral degree in Operations Research (OR) from the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, which he completed in cooperation with the INSEAD Business School and the French postal operator La Poste France. At the WHU, we was a regular speaker at MBA, MSc and BSc courses in logistics, sustainable business models and operations management. He also received additional training in OR from the Kellogg School of Management in the USA. Before joining WHU, Dr. Neboian served as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group where he worked with international clients from different industries including banking, private equity, construction materials, telecommunications and power distribution in Europe and Middle East. Andrei Neboian has an engineering background with a MSc. in Electrical Engineering and Automation from the Vienna University of Technology.

In 2012, Andrei Neboian was awarded with the 2nd prize at the renowned George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award. In 2011, he was selected finalist for the Daniel Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) in the United States. He also publishes in well-known OR journals of INFORMS.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Wilms, Dipl.-Kfm

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Specialization: change management, organization, CSR, finance

Andreas Wilms is a graduate from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, one of Germany’s best business schools, where he received his M.Sc. degree in 2004 and his PhD degree in 2008. During his studies he spent two exchange terms in Spain (at EADA in Barcelona) and in India (at IIMB in Bangalore), two internships led him to the UK (with Bain & Company) and to Australia (with WestLB). From 2009 through 2012 Prof. Wilms worked as a management consultant for BCG – The Boston Consulting Group. He was mainly active in the Consumer Goods and the Energy Practice, focusing on strategy, organization and reorganization. In August 2012 he was appointed professor at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Wilms has extensive experience in MBA teaching and executive education.
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Anja Hagedorn, Dipl.-Kfrr., Research Associate

– HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: entrepreneurship, innovation management

Ms. Hagedorn studied Business Administration at the University of Leipzig with the specialties Banking, Insurance and International Economic Relations. Before she started working for HHL- Leipzig Graduate School of Management, she was an assistant to a corporate account officer at Commerzbank AG. She also wrote her diploma thesis in cooperation with the Commerzbank with the topic: “Entwicklung einer Systematik zur Beurteilung der Zukunftsfähigkeit von Agrarbetrieben für die Commerzbank”, where she investigated the innovativeness of agricultural corporations and the sustainability of these innovations. She joined the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at HHL in August 2011 as a full time associate for the cooperative-project SMILE- Self Management Initiative Leipzig, which helps academic members to build up their business. Ms. Hagedorn is also working on her PhD at the Chair in the field of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
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Dr. Henning Blarr
Dr. Henning Blarr has in-depth experience in working with executives and students as a consultant, educator, and trainer mainly in the areas of communication and leadership, human resource- and organizational management, as well as corporate and business strategy.
Dr. Blarr studied Business Administration with focus on Organization- and International Management at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, where he received his M.Sc. degree in 2007. Until 2011, he worked as a Research Associate at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management at the Chair of Strategic Management and Organization, where he received his PhD. During his studies he spent exchange terms in Paris, France (ENPC – Paris Tech) and London, UK (LSE – London School of Economics). He worked as visiting professor at the Lanzhou University - School of Management, in Lanzhou (China), VSE – University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic), ENPC –Paris Tech (France) and HHL Executive (Germany).
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Erik Hille, M. Sc., Research Associate

Erik Hille, M. Sc., Research Associate – HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: macroeconomics, international trade, environmental, energy and climate policy

Erik Hille is working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Marcoeconomics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany) since November 2011. At HHL his research is focused on international trade and climate policy. Before joining HHL, Mr. Hille worked in the energy sector for VNG Verbundnetz Gas AG where he was responsible for the strategic business development and the support of the managers of the international affiliates and the biogas daughter company. He is a graduate of HHL’s Master of Science in Management Program. During his studies he gained further experience abroad in the USA, Vietnam, China, and Korea.
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Georg Siegert, M. Sc., Research Associate

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: macroeconomics, business cycle research, financial economics

Georg Siegert is working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Macroeconomics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany) since August 2010. His research focuses on the linkages of financial market valuations and real investment decisions. At HHL’s Chair of Macroeconomics, Mr. Siegert is the responsible Teaching Associate for Macroeconomics, Competitiveness and Managerial Economics, which he also taught in the MBA program of Lanzhou University. Mr. Siegert graduated from KU Leuven’s Advanced Studies in Economics Program and the University of Regens­burg, where he worked as a research associate in the field of real estate finance. He gained experience abroad in the Czech Republic, Poland, and China.
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Dr. Remigiusz Smoliński

Dr. Remigiusz Smoliński – IESEG School of Management, France Specialization: negotiations, decision making

Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski received his Master’s degree in International Business from Poznan University of Economics in Poland and completed the PhD program at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. In his research he has focused on theory and practice of negotiation particularly in international settings as well as on the theory and applications of decision making routines in management science. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation and Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He also visited and researched at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Currently, he works as a Country Manager of Easter European marketplaces at (eBay) and is Assistant Professor for Negotiation at IESEG School of Management
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Prof. Tomasz Mroczkowski –

Kogod School of Business, American University Washington DC, USA
Specialization: innovation management, international management

Dr Tomasz Mroczkowski has studied and written about innovation, the management of change, and economic transition for most of his career. He is the author of over 100 works including articles in such journals as California Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and others. He combines interests in business history with a fascination about how to think strategically about the future.

Based at the Kogod School of Business, American University Washington DC, where he serves as Professor in the International Business Department, he has also lectured on innovation in emerging economies at universities in France, Japan, India, and Poland. He has conducted executive development seminars for leading American and European companies and has served as advisor to central and local governments on economic development strategy and technology cluster formation. He serves on Editorial boards of several journals including the Journal of Global business Advancement in South Asia, The Journal of East-West Business, and Worldview – a publication of Scientific American. He is a recipient of a number of grants from private and public foundations.

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Dr. Adam Drab 
Institute of Management and Marketing, Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa, Poland; Institute of Marketing and Trade, VSB – Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic
Dr. Drab is an example of a blend of academic experience with simultaneous involvement in business life. He represents Barons Financial Services S.A., UK-Swiss investment bankers, in Central Europe. He served at numerous boards of Polish and foreign companies. He is a Chairman of The Supervisory Board of Indeco S.A., producer of taylor-made modern furniture systems. Dr. Drab spent his childhood in India, as a result he treats India as a second fatherland and loves Indology. He also lived in Egypt, Lebanon, Zambia, Brazil and UK (Scotland). His hobbies are Indology (history and culture of India), epistolography, ancient history, traveling, marathon swimming
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Dr. Aldona Wiktorska-Święcka, MBA

University of Wroclaw Specialization: social innovation, innovation in democracy and management, governance

Germanist and Europeist, Fellow of German Academic Exchange Programme, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (study visits, research, teaching at the universities of Heidelberg, Freiburg, Bochum, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, Dublin, Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden).

Specialist in the field of economic and social determinants of regional and local development with particular emphasis on labor market policy, innovation, entrepreneurship and social revitalization; theory and practice of public sector development, new public management and governance, innovation in democracy, political consulting, projects in the field of sustainable development policy in the context of metropolitan and urban development, the concept of corporate social responsibility, diversity management, business ethics.

Evaluator of programs and projects for socio-economic development. Expert of United Nations Development Programme, European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Polish and German governments, public authorities, regional and local level.

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Dr. Aneta Szymańska, MBA 

University of Business in Wroclaw,
Specialization: marketing, promotion, public relations, media relations, branding and marketing communications

Director of the International Centre of Postgraduate Studies at WSH

  • is a graduate of Kensington College of Business in London (Business Administration course patronized by the Association of Business Executives), The University of Wroclaw (M.A. in English Philology, specialization: translations) and Wroclaw University of Economics (M.Sc. in Management and Postgraduate Management Studies - Executive MBA program)
  • received a Ph.D. degree in Economics (doctoral thesis: “Public Relations in marketing communication system. Analysis of the applications and effectiveness.”) at Wroclaw University of Economics
  • has written a book „Public relations in the integrated marketing communication system” and several dozen Polish and English publications on marketing and public relations, as well as several research projects with practical application
  • participated in numerous workshops, seminars, workshops and conferences, both domestic and foreign, at many of them giving presentations
  • lectured Marketing, Public Relations and Business Communications at WSB-National Louis University, Wroclaw School of Banking and College of Management "Edukacja"
  • has long-term work experience as Public Relations Officer at Wroclaw University of Economics, Director of NCJE Language School and Project Manager in Mainseek Ltd.
  • knows several languages and is keen on travelling, interior design and photography.


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Dr. Bożena Mielczarek, EngD

– Wroclaw Technical University
Specialization: simulation modelling methodologies, health care management, decision support, risk analysis

Dr. Bożena Mielczarek did M.Sc. degree in Management at Wroclaw Technical University, graduating in 1985. Then joined the Faculty of Management and Computer Science as an assistant. In 2000 obtained PhD in economics and was appointed an assistant professor. Her research interests include simulation modelling methodologies, health service research, decision support and risk analysis. She gives lectures on simulation modelling and risk analysis. She is am the author of the book “Simulation modelling in management. Discrete simulation”.
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Dr. Janusz Kosicki 
Owner of “Kosicki Consulting”, WSH lecturer
Janusz Kosicki is an engineer. After 15 years of educational and scientific activities  in Poland ( Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Warsaw Technical University), USA ( Ph.D. in Biophysical Sciences from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis ) and Japan (Kyushu University, Fukuoka) he continued his interest offering medical devices of well renowned companies having his own business and organizing sales in Central Eastern Europe out of European HQ Of Medtronic in Lausanne, Switzerland. Next several years he served as CEO and Board Member of Medtronic in Poland, leader in medical technology. He built superb team that reached number one in market share in Poland in cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurology, spine and other fields of activities, as well as number one in sales in CEEGI region. Last several years he devoted to teaching students of Business University in Wroclaw at MBA (in English and Polish) and Management, courses of leadership, negotiations, entrepreneurship, modern management and innovations. Janusz Kosicki owns consulting company “Kosicki Consulting”, offering support in organizing and managing business.
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Łukasz Liebersbach, M.Sc. 
Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer, Wroclaw University of Technology
Innovation and internationalization consultant. Active promoter of Design Thinking methodology for product and service innovation. Leads workshops and implements Design Thinking in various organizations. Coordinator of the „Design for business” seminar at the Wroclove Design Festival. Design auditor in the Lower Silesia Industrial Design Network. Graduate of the „Top 500 Innovators” scholarship at Stanford University.
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Dr. Łukasz Srokowski 

University of Business in Wroclaw,  
Specialization: management theory, organizational culture and communication

Sociologist, business coach and consultant. Has prepared and lead more than two thousand hours of business trainings, for companies such as Alstom, Bertelsmann, Boehringer-Ingelheim, BZWBK, Dialog, Eurobank, Frigo Logistics, GATX, HP, Impel, Nasza-Klasa, McCain, Velux, Volkswagen czy Whirlpool.

Lukasz Srokowski graduated from Wroclaw Universities faculty of social sciences in 2007 and obtained his PhD with honors in 2010. He has authored many scientific publications on the fields of management and organization theory, including the book about organizational culture and change: "Zmienić myślenie o firmie. Zarządzanie kulturą organizacyjną w Polsce".

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Dr. Natalia Banaś 

University of Wroclaw, Department of Law, Administration and Economy, Specialization: civil law, commercial law

Doctor of law science, PhD dissertation defended on 28th of November 2011r., the title of doctoral dissertation “ European Stock Company in registration procedure”, under the leadership of prof. dr hab. Elwira Marszałkowska-Krześ in the Institute of Civil Law, Department of Civil Procedure at University of Wroclaw, from 2010 radca prawny associated in OIRP in Wroclaw, from 2002 a chairman of the supervisory board in ZTS TRAWOS Sp. z o.o., from 2006 in charge of legal services as a lawyer in the commercial companies from mining sector – the market of company KGHM S.A. and other connected companies, own law office from 2006, providing the legal services for foreign companies in China, including setting up and running the representative office of one the polish companies, the knowledge and experience of the Chinese market, an author of the books and articles
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Dr. Piotr Ambrozowicz 

Vice-President of the Management Board Work Service SA Group
Specialization: financial management, international finance

Graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology’s faculty of Marketing and Management. Awarded a Doctorate in Economics from the Wroclaw University of Economics.

Mr Ambrozowicz brings astute financial management skills earned at Fagor Mastercook, a leading home appliance manufacturer and Skanska (leading construction company). At Fagor he was Member of the Board and Vice President of Finance as well as the Director of Controlling Fagor Group. He was responsible for implementing the Polish subsidiary’s financial, processes in line with the group’s international standard in controlling, bookkeeping and reporting.

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Wioletta Małota, M.Sc.

– Owner of Training and HR Consulting Company AVANTI, Warsaw
Specialization: leadership, knowledge management in organisation, development of managers skills by coaching and mentoring, 

  • Master of Economics, Candidate for PHD at Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego in Warsaw
  • Certified international Executive Coach ( Institute of Leadership and Management certification – at one of the most prestigious Institute in the field of Leadership), certified international Trainer of business skills -certified as Trainer and Coach in Leadership Emotional Intelligence and Business Communication
  • Mentor of C-level managers, Member of Association for Coaching in UK (MAC), Academic lecturer, experienced Sales and Marketing Manager in international organizations, speaker at international conferences
  • Manager and program tutor of Postgraduate Studies „Coaching in business” and „Human resources management” at WSH in Wroclaw
  • Graduated from Szkoła Główna Handlowa in Warsaw, Department of Foreign Trade, with Master Degree, graduated from Postgraduate Study in Marketing and Management at Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego in Warsaw, Postgraduate studies in cross culture at Warsaw University
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Szymon Sikorski 

Graduate of Philosophy & Journalism and social communication at University of Wrocław
Owner of Publicon Public Relations Agency in Wrocław, Poland.

President of the Board of Polish Public Relations Association (2nd time, reelected in 2013) - the biggest PR Association in Poland.Member or Public Relations Board of Ethics.

Employee of University of Wrocław and WSE in Cracow.Founder of OpenGov Association - organization focused on communication transparency. Member od Personal Democracy Forum. Founder of Social Media Day Poland - biggest Polish Social Media conference (placed in Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź).

Communication coach and speaker (Internet Beta, European CSR Congress, PR Congress, TEDx, and many more).

Juror in Złote Spinacze and Bright Awards, mentor in Startup Weekend.

Awarded for lobbying campaign (Złote Spinacze 2012), Community relations (2013) and Product Launch (2013). Awarded for Community Relations campaign in International PR Daily’s Awards. Signed (as Poland representation) 1st CSR on Communication Agreement in Madrid (2011).

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Heiko Hinrichs, M.Sc. 

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate valuation, private equity.

Heiko Hinrichs is a Research Associate at HHL’s Chair of Financial Management and a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). His research focuses on buy-and-build strategies in private equity. At BCG, he worked on a variety of topics (e.g. mergers & acquisitions, post merger integration, operations) in different industries (e.g. consumer and industrial goods, banking, public sector). Before joining BCG, Heiko gained professional experience at an incubator for internet startups in Southeast Asia as well as with Bain, Lazard, KPMG, and Commerzbank. Heiko holds a Master of Science in management from HHL and spent an exchange semester at National Taiwan University in Taipei.