The study program includes five specialities:

  • INTERNET MARKETING IN PRACTICE : studies implemented under the patronage of the LTB company. A modern specialty that is a response to the needs of students, dedicated to all those interested in development in digital marketing. The subjects are of cross-cutting nature, thanks to which you will learn the theoretical foundations of e-marketing and gain experience in creating online campaigns. Classes will be conducted by specialists, practitioners from the Wrocław LTB agency, conducting international marketing projects. An important element of the studies are workshops that allow for a practical approach to the issue of e-marketing. During practical classes you will have the opportunity to create your own website, promote it in search engines and verify marketing activities.

  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS : according to many experts, sustainable development and greater corporate social responsibility implemented on its various levels, are becoming a necessity without which it will be impossible to maintain a company's competitive edge in the long run. The most important arguments supporting this conviction include the consistent tightening of legal requirements and regulations in the field of environmental protection and the dynamic development of consumers' environmental awareness. At the same time, we are observing a clear increase in employees' expectations regarding the involvement of enterprises in improving working conditions, while reducing the negative impact on the natural environment, which in the conditions of employees' market takes on a key importance for the company's efficiency. Our specialty is the answer to these challenges. You will gain knowledge in the area of ​​sustainable development strategy and corporate social responsibility, you will learn about integrated environment management or the so-called human resource Management.

  • STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES : people and their competences have now become the key capital of enterprises and the factor of their success. They allow you to adapt to individualized market and customer requirements as well as gain competitive advantage and good financial results. Many studies confirm the existence of a positive correlation between employees, their competences and the company performance. In today's conditions of management, determined by globalization, high variability of external conditions, development of knowledge and technology, enterprises can achieve their goals thanks to proper human resources management. Strategic human capital management skills means knowledge in the field of contemporary challenges and in the field of intellectual capital: identification and development of talents, interculturality and internationalization, coaching and mentoring. You will also learn what has recently become popular, that is personal and employer branding, and during practicing with classes, you will learn how to build brand management strategies.

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT : the Project Management specialty is a response to the needs and challenges of the market. The growing popularity of the project approach creates demand for specialists: both members and project team leaders, and what should be emphasized - in virtually every industry. In our studies you will gain knowledge and skills in the field of methods and techniques of managing various projects. You will be ready to prepare the analysis of the organization and, using the right methodology, you will take action towards its change and improvement. Specialists - practitioners - will pass their experience to you, among others in scheduling, budgeting and team management.




  • discussion panels, with outstanding specialists in administration and uniformed groups (starosts, mayors, commune heads, commanders, leaders)

  • workshops in which active methods are used to fully develop students' teamwork skills;

  • laboratories or classes in modern computer laboratories, using the latest programs and technologies;

  • case studies, classes during which students learn the latest solutions and practices that will be used in future professional work, solving tasks, are based on specific case studies, classes are held at the university headquarters or in external companies;

  • visits in companies are an opportunity to get to know their functioning, organizational structures, find out about the challenges faced by such enterprises, learn about the most common problems they face.


  • qualified staff of practitioners and staff of scientific and didactic employees,
  • education in an international environment,
  • the possibility of completing one-term or one-year studies abroad in one of the several dozen partner universities,
  • abroad internships - the possibility of internships in international companies, including in Germany, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and many more,
  • guest lectures of visiting professors from dozens of partner universities,
  • the ability to choose major subjects in English,
  • joint participation in classes with students from foreign partner universities,
  • additional trips and courses abroad (Intensive Courses, foreign study trips),
  • certified language exams (TELC) at the headquarters of the University of Business.
  • individual approach to each student.