O studiach magisterskich

The syllabus of master’s degree courses at our university has been skilfully created by specially chosen teams of experts.

We believe that practical education brings the best results, thus, academic schedule is mostly based on workshops, trainings, case studies, debates and students’ and lecturers’ exchanges.Under the guidance of experts (both practitioners and theorists) you will gain many new skills and competences as well as you will improve those that you have acquired at other studies.

At the University of Business in Wroclaw we treat students like partners, we see them as the future of today’s economy. Graduates of every course at UBW are taught creative thinking and ingenious problem solving, they can use basic and advanced terms from economy and marketing. In addition, they are outstanding specialists in their fields.

Multitasking is not unfamiliar to them, they know how to use common and innovative technology. Such comprehensively educated UBW’s students enter the labour market where they pave their satisfying career paths as well as they write a history of the modern business.