In the field of Management, we offer studies in four specialties:

  • ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT - enterprises, both small, medium and large, operate in a dynamically changing environment. Efficient and effective management is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage. Business management is a specialty for all who plan their careers as both managers of the organization and owners of their own companies. You will gain comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the field of organization management and economic, legal or organizational aspects of the functioning of modern organizations. Furthermore, you will develop skills necessary for planning and implementing marketing strategies, you will learn how to communicate effectively and work in a self-presentation team (detailed description of the specialty).
  • MARKETING AND SALES - the company must stand out in the market, but the condition is to examine the environment in advance - analyze the needs and identify the target group. In this specialty you will learn how to analyze the contemporary market and plan marketing strategies tailored to customer expectations. You will learn innovative promotion and sales techniques, and a team of recognized practitioners will introduce you to the secrets of effective sales. You will learn how to manage a product and a brand and you will acquire the competences necessary to guide the sales process (detailed description of the specialty).
  • HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - effective human resources management is today's one of the key competences of enterprises. There is huge potential in human resources, which is why managers need to know the tools of its identification, use or development. While studying this specialty, you will gain knowledge and develop skills related to recruitment, selection, development and evaluation of employees, as well as learn incentive systems and issues related to coaching (detailed description of the specialty).

  • PSYCHOLOGY IN BUSINESS - the manager manages various resources in the organization, but it is widely recognized that the most important ones are people - human capital being the potential of the organization. Anyone who wants to effectively manage the company towards its market success must have knowledge and skills in the field of psychology so that they effectively manage people and their development to understand their needs and behaviors. Resolving conflicts, building a team, developing creativity or researching professional competences will become your strong point, and knowledge of various areas of psychology will help in identifying and effectively using the abilities of employees (detailed description of the specialty).

  • PERSONAL BRAN MANAGEMENT - building a personal brand and effective management of your image are a challenge in the information noise of the global society. Personal branding is usually equated with a set of marketing tools or limited to psychological and communication techniques. However personal brand management includes a desirable value for anyone who wants to build their reputation independently and consciously and thus increase value on the labor market (detailed description of the specialty).




  • Forums and discussion panels, with outstanding specialists in business and administration;

  • Debates with entrepreneurs;

  • Workshops in which active methods are used to fully develop student's diverse skills;

  • Laboratories or classes in modern computer laboratories, using the latest programs and technologies;

  • Case studies, classes on which students learn the latest solutions and practices that will be used in future professional work, solving tasks, are based on specific case studies, classes are held at the headquarters of the university or in external companies;

  • Visits in companies give the opportunity to get to know their functioning, organizational structures, find out about the challenges faced by enterprises from various industries and learn about the most common problems they face.


  • qualified staff of practitioners and staff of scientific and didactic employees,
  • intensive cooperation with business, which results in cyclical meetings with entrepreneurs,

  • teaching programs created and implemented in cooperation with enterprises, using innovative methods and techniques in didactics,

  • the possibility of completing one-term or one-year studies abroad in one of several dozen partner universities,

  • internships abroad - the possibility of internships in international companies, including Germany, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and more,

  • guest lectures of visiting professors from dozens of partner universities,
  • the ability to choose major subjects in English,
  • joint participation in classes with students from foreign partner universities,
  • additional trips and courses abroad (Intensive Courses, foreign study trips),
  • certified language exams (TELC) at the headquarters of the University of Business,
  • individual approach to each student,
  • an organizational climate conducive to intercultural integration,

  • constant updating and adjusting of the specialities according to the needs of the labor market.