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Finance and Accounting at a bachelor’s level is a three-year-course conducted in a full time and a part time mode.  The syllabus has been written in such a way to enable students to explore the basis and to gain experience by practical classes which are divided into 5 categories: general, basic, field, specialization and practical.


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National Chamber of Tax Advisers, a group of scientists, economists and practitioners (financial advisers, strategic consultants, financial directors, stockbrokers) have taken an active participation in the process of planning of the educational programme.


-  Accounting and Taxation

 -  Finance and Banking

graduate profile

Thanks to experts’ knowledge transferred at practical classes, the quality of teaching at our university is very high. Workshops with practitioners will help to understand and even get to know in depth and tangible mechanism of function of financial institutions. In the scope of teaching we use universal financial instruments. Graduates of Finance and Banking analyzes economic phenomena correctly both at a macro and a micro scale. By graduating from this course a graduate knows principles of accounting very well, he can apply financial law in practice, he knows how to reduce costs in a company and invest money wisely.

employment opportunities

-  Brokerage Offices

-  Departments of Planning and Budgeting

-  Accounting Offices

-  Tax Advisory Offices

-  Insurance Companies

-  Public Administration

-  Your own Company