The study program includes four specialities:

INTERNET ENGINEERING - within the specialty of internet engineering students are equipped with extensive knowledge enabling a comprehensive approach to the design and implementation of information and IT services, internet applications with particular emphasis on software systems, business Internet applications, managing systems used in administration (detailed description of the specialization).

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING - within the software engineering specialty, an area of ​​typically practical knowledge about good software development practices is transferred, from the idea for the application, through the collection of requirements, the design, implementation and maintenance (detailed description of the specialization).

COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA - the specialty presents contemporary trends in 2D and 3D graphics with particular emphasis on industrial design, creating transparent interfaces and graphics for websites. Students will also get acquainted with the preparation of files for printing for the needs of multimedia. Classes have a typically practical character  (detailed description of the specialization).

SECURITY OF NETWORKS AND TELECOMUNICATION SYSTEMS - as part of the specialization issues related to broadly understood telecommunications are discussed, with particular emphasis on ICT networks. Students will get acquainted with, among others, LAN and WAN technology, wireless network technology, teleinformation systems security, attack techniques and mechanisms to protect against these attacks (detailed description of the specialization).



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employment opportunities

  • IT networks Administrator,
  • Graphic designer, 
  • Programmer, 
  • Multimedia website designer,
  • Computer games designer, 
  • Employee of IT security departments,
  • Member of project teams preparing interactive solutions