Students placements

Student placements are an integral part of the curriculum. They are mandatory and their dimension is predetermined. Each year and course has a designated Rector's Plenipotentiary for Student Apprenticeship, who should be contacted with any problems, doubts or questions.

It is worthwhile to read the Regulation No. 15/16/17 of the Rector of the University of Business in Wrocław of 5 December 2016 on detailed rules of organizing, completing and passing work placements for students of the University of Business in Wrocław. 


There are two ways to complete an apprenticeship

  • A

    Through apprenticeship duties

  • B

    By crediting the professional work towards the apprenticeship


A. Crediting of the apprenticeship

You search for and select the organization you would like to work for yourself. You can get help from the career office.

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Step 1

The first document to be prepared is the referral to an apprenticeship This document should be prepared in cooperation with the plenipotentiary for apprenticeships. Before completing the internship, you should also fill in the agreement on apprenticeship - a document signed by the dean and the person representing the organization in which the internship takes place.

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Step 2

You are doing a work placement in accordance with an agreed program.

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Step 3

At the end of the internship, you will need to obtain the confirmation of the internship signed by the person representing the organization. You then submit a duties report, which includes a detailed description of the practice and the tasks performed. The report is subject to substantive assessment by the apprenticeship plenipotentiary. On its basis, the plenipotentiary fills in the certificate of educational effects verification and makes a decision on passing the vocational training.

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Step 4

You fill in two more documents summarizing the internship: Student's opinion on the course of the internship, and the questionnaire of satisfaction with the student's apprenticeship.

All required documents can be found below.

B. By crediting the professional work towards the apprenticeship

An apprenticeship may be counted as part of your professional work, business activity or internship, provided that the tasks performed were consistent with the learning outcomes specified for the apprenticeship and had the required hourly schedule.

The decision is made by the rector's plenipotentiary for apprenticeships on the basis of your application for credit for work.

Documents vary depending on the direction and specialty you are in. Choose the package that's right for you