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Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassadors are special forces of WSH, vwhose goal is to support students in creating a future carrier. During individual consultations, workshops and meetings in the winter semester 2020, they will inform you about the possibilities of student internships, taking up a job, how to write a good CV and prepare for a recruitment interview.

They have been specially trained for this - that's why they will provide you with the most up-to-date information and tips on the labor market and student internships. You can ask them with any question that bothers you.

23.01.2021 Career Ambassadors organize career days - MORE INFO SOON!

Our consultants


Hi! I am a second-year student of Tourism and Leisure. My tasks as a Career Ambassador include creating material for student guides in the form of videos and conducting consultations. In my spare time I like to draw, create small sculptures, mascots and take photos. I also enjoy practicing English. 


My name is Nhung Dinh and currently I’m in the second year of management. As an ambassador I share my experiences and knowledge of finding jobs and internships in Wrocław as well as trying my best to help other students to find it themselves throughout some channels such as videos, consultations, etc... . I enjoy playing ukulele in my free time along with drawing and painting because it helps me to relax after some stressful days. Cooking, riding bike, watching movies and playing football are included in my hobby list:))



I am currently in my second year of a management course. As an ambassador I can help future applicants find answers to their questions regarding the university as well as help in matters outside the university. On behalf of WSH I wish you all success in your studies, and I also hope that you will like Wroclaw.