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The mission of MBA is education and improving future managers and specialists who are a backbone of modern business world. MBA programme is focuses on a team work, study by practice and a holistic approach to education. Our teaching method is a guarantee of success in a professional as well as a personal life.

By cooperation with one of our partners - HHL LeipzigGraduate School of Management there has been created International MBA which is conducted fully in English. HHL is the oldest business-oriented university in Europe and its prestige is recognised far beyond the borders of our continent.

Master of Business Administration Studies is honoured as one of the most recognised and prestigious fields of business studies. Currently, they are treated as indispensible for those who want to climb the career ladder. MBA is the fastest and the best way of reaching the highest goals.

The offer includes about 500 hours of intensive and interactive classes that educate on various levels. The classes are conducted in a form of interesting lectures and practical classes, engaging workshops, precursory projects, thorough business analyses and informative meetings with leaders on the market. Meetings take place twice a month what enables students to develop professionally and to use acquired knowledge in the workplace on the daily basis.