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The University of Business in Wrocław invites foreigners who wish to study in English to an intensive English course. The course lasts two semesters with 850 lesson hours and starts in mid-October each academic year. The aim of the course is to improve students' language skills, gain fluency in speaking and writing and, as a result, enable them to study in English. To participate in this course you must register in the electronic system of the University and submit relevant documents, sign the contract and pay the fee. The course ends with the TOIEC final exam. Classes are held in a friendly atmosphere and each student has the support of the instructors, who take care of the highest possible efficiency of the course.

 Intensive English course

  • Number of hours: 850
  • Price per course: 2500 euro
  • Entry fee: 200 euros
  • Time-period: October - June

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