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The LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) A1-C2 exam is an English language assessment which ends in receiving an internationally recognized Certificate indicating one of the six levels of the CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. It is an exam available in paper and computer form. In computer form, it is an adaptive exam, which means that during its administration, the exam questions adjust to the candidate's level of advancement while answering the questions. This formula of the exam is a breakthrough and innovative achievement in the field of language competence assessment, supported by scientific research.

The exam is intended for people who want to certify their knowledge of English in a work environment, in an international business/office. The LTE Certificate confirms the professional competences needed to function in the modern world.

After completing the online/remote exam, you will receive your result immediately, on a scale from 0 to 100 points. Points awarded relateto into Council of Europe (CEFR) levels as follows:

Council of Europe (CEFR) level

LTE exam scoring
















Your CV = your professional image

  • Nowadays, employers more and more often expect English language skills at B2 level and higher

  • What do you enter in the English language field in your CV?

  • Certification of English proficiency means that, unlike other applicants, you have official, independent confirmation of your skills

  • The LTE language certificate in your CV will make you receive an invitation to an interview faster

  • The LTE certificate in your CV is also a sign that you are an ambitious person who wanted to do more than the required minimum - it is your investment in yourself


Your time is precious

  • You will spend as much time on the exam as it will actually last

  • You will not waste time commuting, waiting for sessions

  • You will adjust the exam date to your schedule yourself

  • You can take the exam at any time of the day or night!

  • You can change the chosen date free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled exam

  • You will receive (preliminary) results immediately after the exam, in 2 working days (!) You will receive a Certificate and a Results Report



The exam you will always pass, almost;)

  • You will get a score on a point scale from 0 to 100 points and a Certyficate 

  • According to the Council of Europe (CEFR) scale, B2 is 60 points,  see the scoring and levels

  • The exam questions will adapt to your level of advancement, LTE is an adaptive exam, each next question depends on how correctly you answer it so far - the more correct answers, the higher the difficulty of the questions and the higher the score


Certificate for the employer

  • LTE is an English language certificate at work. It confirms what level of proficiency you can handle in a business and office environment

  • LTE increases your credibility, the authenticity of your Certificate can be confirmed on the LanguageCert website in a few seconds – click here

Exam fee: 105 Euro



Contact the Foreign Language Coordinator of Ms Dominika Turlej, e-mail:, to receive a code / voucher for the LTE exam. You will receive it to your e-mail address. Then follow the instructions below.


See the video below to find out how you can pass the home exam, see below how to register


* kliknij ikonkę napisów aby zobaczyć napisy w języku polskim    


Step by step:


arrow  Go to the website: CLICK HERE 



arrow  Fill in the required fields and click JOIN



 arrow  Copy and paste your code from the email to the 'Have an Exam Code ...' field and click CONFIRM



arrow  Complete your profile



arrow VERY IMPORTANT: Select the type of document that you will show to your examiner later during the exam.



arrow In the First / Middle Name (s) (Latin characters) field, enter your first name (s) WITHOUT Polish characters (without diacritics). Enter the name (s) as in your ID. 

In the First / Middle Name (s) (Native) field, enter your first name (s) in full with Polish characters or with special characters. Enter your name (s) as in your ID.

In the Last Name (Latin characters) field, enter your last name WITHOUT Polish characters (no diacritics). Enter the surname as on your ID.

In the Last Name (Native) field, enter your full name with Polish characters or with special characters. Enter the surname as on your ID.
Discrepancy between your profile information and your ID information may prevent you from starting the exam

Your data is completely secure and is stored in accordance with LanguageCert Privacy Policy 

Fill in the other required information and click CONFIRM MY EXAM



arrow  Select a date and time to start the exam

Set your time zone, by default it is set according to your computer settings.
Using the arrows, select the date you want to take the exam.
Select the time period during which you want to select the test start time.



arrow  After selecting the test start time, click Update Selected Slot to Basket



arrow After completing the registration, you will see the screen below



arrow  You will receive an e-mail confirming the selection of your test date



arrow  Your profile on the LanguageCert website will show a summary of your chosen exam and the date you will take it, and a link to download the exam application - EXAM SHIELD



arrow  Plug in headphones (wireless headphones cannot be used), a webcam, and a microphone.
Download the EXAM SHIELD application by clicking on the DOWNLOAD link, the program download window will open, read the license and click Accept and Install Windows client. (Refresh the window if the download screen does not appear within a few seconds).
Installation of EXAM SHIELD can also be done at least one hour before the exam, but then you may not have enough time to e.g. solve a problem. It is recommended to do this in advance.



arrow Agree to install the application, installation will begin



arrow The application will be installed on your desktop, open it and click CHECK SYSTEM



arrow The application will perform a series of tests on your computer, a system test, a sound test (microphone and headphones) and an Internet speed test. Finally, you will see a summary, a list of possible problems. If everything is OK, you will be able to close the application and return to it only 10 minutes before the scheduled exam date.






arrow  After completing the tests, close the application and return to it approximately 15 minutes before the exam. Make a note of the chosen date in order not to miss it, you can change the chosen date of the exam free of charge 48 hours before the exam.



  • Make sure that nobody except you is present in your room / room

  • Make sure that there are no papers, books or other materials on your desk / table

  • Mute the phone and put it out of range, in exceptional circumstances a LanguageCert representative may want to contact you by phone

  • The Observer / Examiner will ask you to show your room before starting the exam, ask you to turn the camera 360 degrees and show the room and desk)


Contact info:

If you need help with registration, want to complete your profile or have questions about the exam, please see this page:

You can use the very convenient and immediately available chat option or call the telephone number: +48 22 306 08 54.

You can also contact us by email:

Dominika Turlej