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2020-12-11 10:47:42

Wojtek Kolańczyk -our golden fencing master [INTERVIEW]

We have the Master!
Wojtek Kolańczyk, gold medalist of the Polish Academic Fencing Championships, talks about his passion and how he combines it with his studies at the WSH in Wrocław.


Kordian Bulkiewicz: Let’s start with what fencing is about?

Wojtek Kolańczyk: Fencing consists in hitting the enemy with a
weapon. We currently have three weapons: a foil, a sabre and a sword. In a sword, the whole body is a hit field, and the opponent can only be hit by pushing. At the end of the sword’s wedge there is a punta (spike), which, when pressed, closes the electrical circuit to record hits. Fencing consists in inflicting the right number of hits on the opponent and avoiding the opponent’s blows.

KB: How do you manage to combine passion with studying?

WK: It’s not easy. While training professionally fencing, I attend trainings about 10 times a week, at the weekend I usually go to competitions of various ranks - Polish Cups, World Cups, national team groups or championship events such as European Championships or World Championships. I’m always short of time. I’m glad I chose the University of Business in Wrocław. It is a university that allows you to study with a combination of passion. I have an Individual Teaching Track, which makes it very easy for me to pass individual subjects as well as to train.

KB: Why did you choose Management and not e. g. University School of Physical Education?

WK: I’ve been thinking about sports college for a long time. Finally, I decided that it is worth having an alternative apart from sports. I opted for Management and I don’t regret it at all.

KB: Where did you get in the competition? Did you have time to explore? 

WK: During the last 6 years, since I joined the Polish team, I have seen many interesting places that I would not have visited without training. I was in the United States, we were invited by the US Team to a joint sports camp in Houston. In the last year, I visited Canada and Qatar, where the World Cups were held. In 2015, I took part in the World Championship, which was organized in Uzbekistan. Fencing also allowed me to visit Armenia, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Latvia and Belarus. I like visiting new places and I always try to see what’s worth, but there is not always enough time.

KB: Which sports competitions were the most important to you?

WK: My most important achievement is the Bronze Medal at the 2019 Summer Universiade. These are competitions held on the same principle as the Olympic Games, with the difference that only students can take part in it. When it comes to the European Championship, my greatest success is the silver medal individually at the U23 European Championship in 2019. Also in the same year, it was possible to win the gold medal at the European U20 Championship in the team competition. To my collection of medals, I can add two bronze medals at the U23 European Championships in 2017, both individually and as a team. At the world championships, the highest place was 6th. As for the results achieved in the country - I have 11 medals of the Polish Championships, including 7 gold discs.

KB: What are your plans for the future?

WK: My goal in the future is to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


Wojtek Kolańczyk was interviewed by Kordian Bulkiewicz, a student of Management