2020-04-28 08:36:14

Take advantage of the University's scholarship fund

We, hereby, would like to kindly inform you about the possibility of submitting applications  regarding students that may find themselves temporarily in a difficult life situation due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The application concerns one-off financial assistance up to the sum of  2.000 PLN from the University scholarship fund, on the principles indicated in the framework of the Regulations on Benefits for Students of the University of Business in Wroclaw of 30 September 2019.

The University's decision is of discretionary nature, both in terms of granting of the financial support  and its amount.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the basis for applying may be related in particular with loosing (by the students or members of their families) their source of income due to restrictions on the functioning of employers due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Check if you are eligible for support

We would like to remind you that foreign students  may as well apply successfully, if: 

  • have begun their studies before October 1, 2019 on the basis of the provisions of the Act of July 27, 2005 of the Education Law and keep studying according to the rules applicable to Polish citizens, meeting at least one of the below-mentioned conditions:

    1. have been granted a permanent residence permit;

    2. have a refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland;

    3. benefit from temporary protection on the territory of the Republic of Poland;

    4. are migrant workers who are citizens of a Member State of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation or a Member State of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) - parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area, as well as members of their families if they live in the territory of the Republic of Poland;

    5. they have been granted a long-term European Union residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Poland;

    6. they were granted a temporary residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Poland in connection with the circumstance referred to in art. 127, art. 159 paragraph 1 or art. 186 section 1 point 3 or 4 of the Act of 12 December 2013 regarding foreigners;

    7. they were granted subsidiary protection on the territory of the Republic of Poland;

    8. are citizens of European Union Member States, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states - parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation and their family members with permanent residence;

    9. have a valid Pole's Card and have started their studies according to the rules applicable to Polish citizens.

  • have begun their studies on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 20 July 2018, Law on Higher Education and Science from 01/10/2019 without necessity of meeting additional conditions.


The financial support derived from the scholarship fund is granted on the basis of the application which template is determined by Annex 1 (below).

arrow  The application form


We, hereby, recommend that printed and signed applications regarding grants, along with attachments (alternatively photos of the application and attachments) ought to be send by an e-mail to the following address: pomocfinansowawsh@handlowa.eu.

In addition, we would like to inform you that the WSH Career Office conducts e-mail and telephone consultations regarding the correct completion of the application and provides full information regarding the necessary documentation and fulfillment of formal conditions necessary to receive the financial support.






Phone.: 71 333 11 08, 71 333 11 03


The university will do its utmost to ensure that the applications for support will be processed as soon as possible.

In order to speed up the recognition of your financial support applications, any calls to make up for any formal deficiencies will be sent electronically to the following e-mail address added in the application.