2020-04-20 10:00:51

Substantive and psychological support for students of WSH in Wrocław

Anti-crisis shield is a package of solutions prepared by the government to protect the Polish state and citizens against the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is based on five pillars:

  • Protection of jobs and employee safety,

  • Financing entrepreneurs,

  • Health care,

  • Strengthening the financial system,

  • Public investments



The Career Office of the University of Business in Wroclaw will answer your questions


arrow   Na fanpage'u Biura Karier Information about the help / financial support you provided under the so-called Anti-crisis shield, tax exemptions or ZUS contributions will

will be available on the fanpage: LINK


arrow   Individual consultations on this matter are conducted by Krzysztof Piłat - subscriptions for consultations: Krzysztof.piłat@handlowa.eu or biuro-karier@handlowa.eu


arrow  There is a possibility of free psychological consultation online for WSH students in crisis: you can sign up for the consultation by email: kamila.pihur@handlowa.eu