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2020-03-13 12:35:59

Important information for all students on an Erasmus exchange

If you are currently on an academic exchange under the ERASMUS + program, due to the current situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, you can stop your trip and return to the country. Below are the steps to follow.


Email contact with Erasmus Office

If you have faced any unexpected situation beyond your control which arose independently of you (which is not your mistake) and you want to terminate your stay abroad, immediately report this to your Erasmus Coordinator as well as to the coordinator at the host Institution.

arrow  Contact to Erasmus Program Coordinator

Necessary documents

  • Confirmation of stay with dates of arrival and return dates, stamped and signed by host institution.

  • Description what happened

  • Confirmation of force majeure ( suspension of didatic activities, state of emergency)

Extra documents

  • bills, tickets, confiramtions of bank transfers, documented attempts to recover costs incurred


The set of documents will be sent to Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus + (FRSE)  in Warsaw. Each case will be considered individually.