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2018-11-14 09:00:00

Entrepreneurs' Days 2018

High School of the Ursuline Sisters, School Complex No. 18, Lotnicze Zakłady Naukowe, High School No. 1, European High School of Uniform Services, School Complex in Wroclaw, Vocational School Complex in Brzeg Dolny.

Pupils selected by the teachers took part in the entrepreneurship knowledge test. Every day, ten students who responded best to test questions went to the next stage of the competition. An Examination Commission was established, which included: Mrs. Dean, dr inż. Halina Węgrzyn, Vice-Rector for Development, dr. Eng. Tomasz Długosz and the event organizer dr. Dariusz Socha. Students answered questions from the Commission in various fields related to entrepreneurship, among others finance and IT. Every day, three winners were selected, who received cups and valuable gifts from sponsors. During the the commission deliberations, students could participate in various workshops conducted by WSH lecturers: Dr. Agnieszka Faron "Building a team in practice", dr Izabela Gruszka "How to organize an ideal tourist event?", Tetyana Paśko and her students "Accountant of the future" and workshops conducted by the Careers Office team and the "Your Career Option" project. There were also information meetings conducted by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Municipal Police Headquarters. The meetings with representatives of the Diamond.Lab company, who created a start-up which works in the area of ​​3d printing and dental prosthetics, also enjoyed great popularity.

The laureates of the Entrepreneurship knowledge are :

14th November

III place - Alicja Markowska - High School of the Ursuline Sister

II place - Wiktor Garwol - School Complex No 18

I place - Jakub Socha - School Complex No 18

15th November

III place - Filip Dusza - Lotnicze Zakłady Naukowe

II place - Bartosz Biruk - High School No 1

I place - Natalia Marszałek - European High School of Uniform Services


The event would not take place without the support of our invaluable sponsors, whom we would like to thank. Thank you :

Diamond Sponsors :

President Wiesław Dreko - ZEC Service
President Michał Łuczak - Mercedes  Grupa Wróbel


DiamondLab comapny


and Individual sponsors:

Daniel Łączyk, Andrzejowi Knysz, Filipowi Pindral, Husyev Valeriy, Valerii Pukas oraz Jakubowi Kołcio.