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2020-11-09 09:37:00

Electronic communication: threats and the latest solutions [WEBINAR]

How to prevent data leakage when using instant messaging? What are man-in-the-middle attacks and how does ransomware work?


You will be able to find out about this during the webinar on the threats of electronic communication and solutions that counter them, which will be held online on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

For whom?

The online meeting is aimed at students of #WSHweWroclaw in Computer Science and other people from and outside the University interested in the subject of electronic communication security

How to sign up?

The meeting will be held entirely remotely (on-line) using the GetResponse software.

You must register for the meeting at http://bit.ly/cyphdog providing your first name, surname and e-mail address. In response, you will receive a registration confirmation with a link enabling you to join the event.

Why is it worth participating in the event?

Some cyber communication threats will be presented, such as data leaks, man-in-the-middle attacks, ransomware, invoice hacking. You will get answers to the questions what a private key is, why it should be absolutely protected, what is end-to-end encryption, lack of "trusted" third party and "zero-knowledge security". Finally, you will learn how to safely use the messenger and how to encrypt files, send them and put them in the cloud without risking data loss and interception.


The webinar will be conducted by Mr. Przemysław Kucharzewski, VP Sales at Cypherdog - producer of cybersecurity solutions. Member of ISSA Polska, the Association of Data Protection Practitioners, IT Corner and the WSH Business Council, editor at BrandsIT. For 25 years in the IT industry, associated with distribution (JTT Computer, Incom, AB, Eptimo), Interim Manager at integrators and producers of IT solutions (Xopero, Newind), focused on building awareness of cyber threats and sales channel