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Authorities and structure

Rector WSH dr Roman Fulneczek

Rector directs the University's activity, represents it outside and is the supervisor of its employees and students. He/She takes decisions in all matters concerning the University, except for matters reserved by the law as being part of other University bodies competences  or as being part of the competences of the Founder.

room 3/10
phone +48 71 333 11 12

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Vice-rector WSH dr Marta Drozdowska

Vice-rector at the University of Business is the deputy of the Rector at the University. He performs administrative and representational functions, directly managing EU projects, grants and cooperation of the unit with foreign countries.

room 3/9
phone. +48 71 333 11 16


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Dean of Economic and Managerial Department dr inż. Halina Węgrzyn

Dean heads UBW’s basis organizational unit which is Economic and Managerial Department. She directs it in the aim to provide a correct course of educational process and scientific development. Dean is a supervisor of all employees of the Department and students counsellor.

room 2/2
phone+48 71 333 11 30

sejsa halina wegrzyn
Vice-dean of Student Affairs dr Agnieszka Faron

The Vice-Dean for Student Affairs acts as a student ombudsman. Supports students in matters related to student life, cooperates with the Student Government and other student organizations. She supervises matters related to student and disciplinary practices.

room 2/5
phone +48 71 333 11 46 

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