Bachelor in Management  at the faculty of Management is tailored to match the expectations of  prospective employers as well as to the dynamically changing local and international job market.

In cooperation with experts and business people we have worked out a program compatible with the latest trends of the development of the economy. We combined a high quality of theoretical studies with practical education, which is particularly recognized among our students and employers.

The BA studies in the University of Business in Wroclaw last 3 years (6 semesters) and are conducted in two modes: full-time and part-time (extramural). Within the faculty of Management we offer our students 4 specializations adjusted to the current needs of the job market: 

  • Business management
  • Project management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing and communication in business

We educate in modules—in the program of studies there are 4 groups of subject contents: faculty, specialization, practical (to choose and complete in modules), and general (to choose). We give our students a very rich offer of the specialization subjects, which are obligatory, and practical subjects that can be chosen by the student. The studies program includes an 8-week professional internship. The entire duration of the program is worked out in such a way as to enable the student to acquire competence in a chosen specialization.


Undergraduates are going to be specialists who know and understands the rules of the entrepreneurs,  financial markets and economy mechanisms. They are able to analyze the internal situation of the company and its business environment, draw conclusions and adapt their actions to the changeable trends of activity in the economy. Moreover, they also have the skills that allow for  utilizing the potential of employees, which translates into the  efficient and effective achievement of the objectives of the company. They know sales techniques, are able to negotiate successfully, and have analytical skills. sale, put negotiate successfully and have analytical skills.


- Business owner
- Sales representative
- Project coordinator
- Business analyst
- Marketer
- Trader
- Team leader
- Store manager
- Regional manager in comercial enterprises

Fees and finances:


2500 € per year
1350 € per semester

€ per year*
1075 € per semester*
* EU citizens (Citizens from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazahstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine as well as all South American countries are subject to the same fees as EU citizens)

€ per year **
€ per semester**
** citizens from outside the EU (This does not apply to the students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazahstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine as well as all South American countries) 

€ one-time

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