The aim of the studies in Global Business Efficiency is to develop and strengthen the participants’ intercultural competence as a crucial ability in the area of international  business. The program of studies in GBE consists of two related modules, Global Leadership and Intercultural Training and Coaching, that provide theoretical knowledge and build practical competences essential for efficient communication and management in a multinational and cross-cultural work environment.


HR managers and managers of international teams, professionals working across cultures, business trainers and consultants.

Benefits for Participants

During the studies in GBE the participants will have an unique opportunity to learn from experts in international business and intercultural training from all over the world. The participants will gain specific tools which will enable them to:

  • identify and understand their current approach to intercultural interactions
  • develop their intercultural competence
  • build a culture of feedback
  • create a meeting culture
  • improve virtual communication

Through practice and mastery, participants will be able to implement these tools in their own work context.

+48 71 333 11 33

kontakt: podyplomowe@handlowa.eu

Pn.-Pt. 8:30-16:30

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